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Why should I choose Southside Tattoo Company?

Here at Southside Tattoo Company our artists provide you with world-class full-custom tattoos. We have learned our craft from some of the best in the country, and have a combined experience of over 50 years.

Do you only do custom work?

No. We are happy to provide you with any design; however, if it is another tattoo we always recommend changing it a small amount to make it special for you.

Any design?

Every race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation and lifestyle are welcome here at Southside Tattoo Company. Therefore, we will NEVER, under any circumstances, do a tattoo that is hateful towards anyone. (we are happy to cover them up, as you have obviously learned your lesson and grown up).

Can I walk in or should I make an appointment?

Yes, you may walk in without an appointment, but there is no guarantee that any of our artists will be able to make time for you that day. Appointments are definitely preferred, as they allow our artists to prepare for your idea, plan for your arrival and make sure you have a great experience with a little a wait as possible.

If I make an appointment, do I need to leave a deposit? And, why?

Deposits are required to make an appointment. They ensure that your time slot is guaranteed to be available for you when you come through the door. They are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Each artist charges a different amount for a tattoo appointment, but the amount generally ranges from $50-$150.

Does my deposit count toward the final price of the tattoo?

Yes. The only exception to this rule is if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and have not contacted us beforehand.

What if I need to reschedule?

We require 24 hour notice to reschedule an appointment, thus keeping your deposit safe.

What is a consultation, does it cost anything and do I need to schedule it?

Consultations are free of charge and we do recommend that it is scheduled in advance. It is a chance for you and the artist to meet, discuss your ideas and make an appointment for the actual tattoo. Feel free to bring any reference materials you may have, as this will help ensure the perfect tattoo for you!

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

You should be well-rested, well-hydrated and have eaten a meal within the last 3-4 hours. Also, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that exposes the area to be tattooed, but also keeps your modesty intact.

What should I bring to my appointment?

The most important item to bring is your valid state or government issued ID. These include driver's license, State ID card, Military ID or Passport. No ID = No Tattoo


What should I NOT bring to Southside Tattoo Company while I get tattooed?

Drugs or Alcohol, including pain killers and muscle relaxers.

Firearms or weapons of any kind, even if you have the proper licensing to carry them.

Your children. Seriously, don't bring them. We love them, just not here.

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

18 years old. Minors that are 16 and 17 year olds are able to be tattooed with parental or legal guardian consent.


If I'm a minor, what do I need to bring with me?

Minors may NOT use a school ID as a form of identification; the rules for a proper ID, covered in the question above, apply to minors as well. The parent or legal guardian must also provide a valid ID. We may also require proof of residence in the same household, custody papers or a birth certificate if the last names are different; and, any other document required by law in the State of Ohio and Lorain County.

Is it safe to get a tattoo?

We are a professional tattoo shop and have policies in place to protect our clients and ourselves from the spread of blood borne pathogens. We pride ourselves on our perfect Health Department inspection record, and are all trained in aseptic technique. Everything that we use is set up in front of you with gloves on; each product selected for the tattoo is single serving and protected with a barrier during the tattoo. After we finish the procedure we dispose of everything in front of you, and sanitize the area with hospital grade chemical wipes or sprays.

What if I want to see the level of cleanliness and how a tattoo is set up for each person?

We would be happy to explain and/or demonstrate anything that will put your mind at ease that safety is our primary concern. Any questions you may have will be answered to your satisfaction by one of our talented and conscientious artists.

Do you have a shop minimum?

Yes. It is $75.

Can you price a tattoo over the internet or phone?

No. We only give tattoo prices in the shop due to the many variables that factor into the cost. These variables include, but aren't limited to size, detail, location, skin tone, etc...

Will it hurt?

Yes, but it is tolerable. The best explanation I have heard over the years is that it feels like someone is scratching a sunburn repeatedly.

Will I need a touchup, and if so, how much does it cost?

Touchups are free of charge for six months, unless it is apparent that you have blatantly disobeyed our care instructions. Touchups may be necessary for a variety of reasons and you should consult with your artist about your design and location as it relates to a potential touchup.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping is not required but very much appreciated. We are in a service industry and any tipping consideration should be viewed in that manner.

When should I avoid getting a tattoo?

If you are drunk and/or high.

If you are pregnant or nursing.

Right before or after any kind of surgery.

When you are sunburned in the area you wish to get tattooed in.

If you have been, or feel like, you are being pressured into getting a tattoo.

Are inks vegan friendly?

The inks that we use are of the highest quality and are vegan friendly.

What if I am allergic to latex?

We are a latex-free shop.

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